insieme-prodotti-prova-2SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING

LAINTEGRA PHARMA is an Italian company that specializes in the production and distribution of (natural) nutraceutical products for the health and well-being. Our dietary supplements are specifically designed to be applied in different functional areas such as: sexuality, energizing products, prevention and treatment of osteoarticular diseases (cartilages), prevention and treatment of lesions to tendons and ligaments, treatment of pain associated with neuritis, venous insufficiency, anti-ageing and dyslipidemia.

LAINTEGRA PHARMA has obtained ever bigger results thanks to the most sophisticated biochemical techniques and effectiveness of its products. It successfully entered the national and international market.

LAINTEGRA PHARMA is a reliable and competent partner for third-party development, production and packaging of dietary supplements, always abreast of the latest scientific progress.